The Mentorship program brings together a tight community of dedicated and hard-working underclassmen, and provides them with the education, resources, and initial connections needed to launch their future career.

Education: Through weekly sessions, members will get a chance to dive deeper into what an investment banking career means for them and how to navigate the recruitment landscape.

Resources: We help members sift through the tremendous amount of information available to find what is most valuable to their understanding and career.

Connections: Most important of all, members of the program will get incredible exposure and personal networking opportunities with the very people who will most likely be interviewing them in the future. 

Topics Include:

  • Investment Banking Overview
  • Resume/Cover Letter Perfection
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Acing The Interview
  • Recruiting Tips
  • Networking 101

The Mentor

Members who continue to demonstrate their commitment to the program and their future career, will be paired up with a personal mentor in the industry upon completion of the program. The mentor will serve as an inside resource that will help members better understand the developments of the industry and that will give feedback as they go through the rigorous recruitment process.

How to Apply

You can apply to the Mentorship program by going to: Applications are due by noon on January 29th. For any questions concerning the program, please contact us.