The Babson Investment Banking Association’s mission is to enhance the position of Babson as a top business school for investment banking by increasing the interest of students in this field, supporting students in their preparation for the recruiting process, and improving relations with firms through the Babson Alumni Network. The association will utilize valuable resources such as alumni in the investment banking field and experienced MBA candidates, seniors and juniors.  The association also serves as a marketing vehicle for the Babson community, creating awareness of the different facets of investment banking through the Centers for Career Development (CCD), the official BIBA website, education, communication, speakers and social networking events. 

Executive Board

Katherine Will '18, President

Jacob Spitz '18, Executive Vice President

Alua Noyan '18, Vice President of Finance

Anthony Licata '19, Vice President of Communications

Neema Rashtchi '19, Ambassador for the Class of 2019

Oscar Liot '19, Vice President of Events

Joeseph Jarecki '20, Ambassador for the Class of 2020

Srishti Soni '20, Vice President of Marketing